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Wed, May 17


EOC Gym in Great Neck

The Women's Health Forum

The Katie Oppo Research Fund invites you to attend the KORF Women's Health Forum 2023.

The Women's Health Forum
The Women's Health Forum

Time & Location

May 17, 2023, 6:30 PM

EOC Gym in Great Neck, 65 High St, Manhasset, NY 11030, USA

About the event

**Refreshments will be served and Childcare is available for the event

**This event is a free public service

Northwell Health Physicians will discuss:

Visiting your Gynecologist/OBGYN

When should young women have their first gyn appointment?

What should the patient expect (internal exam)?

How does a patient choose birth control that is right for them?

Is the HPV vaccine recommended for young women?

STDs/HPV vaccines

Should older, sexually active women get the HPV vaccines?

What other causes are there for cervical cancer besides HPV?

Do the vaccines protect against all strains

What sexual practices can increase your risk of getting an STD?

What STDs can cause cancer?

Can you get throat cancer from oral sex if a partner is HPV positive?

What sexual practices are linked to increased cancer risk?

Risks of Reproductive Cancers

Are screening techniques being developed for ovarian cancer detection?

Does using birth control reduce risk for oc?

Why does pregnancy also reduce risk of ovarian cancer?

Does using fertility drugs increase risk of ovarian cancer?

Is baseline sono of a young women’s ovaries a good idea for prevention of ovarian cancer?

Is in depth sonography better for your body than mammography?

How is talcum powder linked to ovarian cancer?

What other risk factors are there?

Does having children later in life raise a woman’s risk of reproductive cancers?

Does using hormone replacement therapy after menopause increase risk of ovarian cancer?

Does using birth control affect your chances of getting breast cancer?


How do nutrition, diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices affect your health?

Is it true that a woman’s peri- and menopausal symptoms may mirror their mother’s?

What is the latest on hormone replacement therapy for menopausal symptoms?

Young women are suffering from a mental health crisis: Are the causes social media and how do we address

them? What services are offered.

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